vrijdag 4 september 2009

In November 2005 on a different website this message got posted for me. I regret that it took me two full years to do something.

Dear Mr.Pieter Derideaux,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude for publishing the complete work of Al-Jahiz "Book of the Glory of the Black Race". I was ready to pay a fortune in order to get this book...Thank You for Your unselfish work.I live in Japan and sometimes i would like to ask You some questions... is that possible?

Yours sincerely,


Dear Sir, your web site is amazing. My deepest thanks and congratulations. Please visit my excavations throught web sites :

Dr Stephan Pradines, Ifao, Cairo--Stephan Pradines2008-07-13 13:00:38 GMT


Dear Dr Stephan Pradines;
Thank you for your comments on my website, as you might have imagined I already visited yours years ago.

Kind Regards
Pieter Derideaux2008-07-31 12:52:31 GMT


Dear Pieter,
I refer to your doubts whether the Zeng-ki are Africans. In his book "The Marvels of India" ("Kitab al Ajaib al Hind"), the Persian skipper Ibn Shahriyar reports a testimony from an Arab merchant named Ibn Lakis saying that in 945 A. D., he saw a thousand "Waq-Waq" boats landing on the shore of Mozambique to buy goods and "Zeng" slaves. Waq-Waq was the name the Arabs gave to Southeast Asian sailors and merchants at this time.

Also, what I have learned is that "Kun Lun" refers to Southeast Asians, not African. To the Chinese, Southeast Asians were "black", but I suspect they only meant they were just darker than Northern Chinese. 1st century A. D. Chinese texts on a kingdom they call Funan, located in the southern part of today's Vietnam, describe the locals as "black and with curly hair". This is certainly in contrast to the Northern Chinese physical appearance but must not necessarily mean these people looked like Africans or Papuans.

Thank you for your very valuable site.

Yours sincerely,

Anda Djoehana WiradikartaResearch worker and university teacher in Paris, France2008-10-25 12:25:27 GMT

To: Anda Djoehana Wiradikarta

Thanks for your comments, and you are surely correct.

Kind regards

Pieter Derideaux